Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Can't I Remember

You lied. You said it would get easier with time. You said eventually I would forget you. But everyday that passes I miss you more & more. Your face trapped in my own reflection. Your eyes engraved in my brain. How do I move forward when everything reminds me of the past. I still make those salads you loved just to remember the smile on your face. I still listen for the door to open, waiting for your footsteps on the floor. I can’t break free from you. I can’t forget you but I can’t remember your details either. Why did I leave? Why did you let me? Where are we heading in different directions. Will our paths ever cross again? Are you happier with her? Does she run the bath for you? Does she write you beautiful love notes and leave them in your pockets? Why did we part? Why can’t I remember? I miss you. I will probably miss you forever.

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