Monday, August 20, 2012

Quotes by bebe

- Patience ... life is a learning experience, not a rush to the finish line.

- Life is short .. wear stilettos 

- I'm not a QUITER .. I wouldn't even know how to start.

- Freedom is learning to accept yourself just as you are without a need for outside approval.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Contrary to popular belief -- Everything is NOT under God's CONTROL .. everything is under His POWER but not His control. Many things that take shape in this world are NOT GOD'S CHOICE, nor GOD'S WILL. Many of you ask why this or why that has happened if God is so good. But you confuse the fact that God has released dominion and authority to US in this world. He sent the Perfect Teacher to show us how it's done,  (Jesus). He left a book (the bible) to give us word for word detail on how to use the authority & power He blessed us with. He gave us HIS NAME to use over all powers and authorities that exist in the physical realm and spiritual realm. God clearly states in Matt 18:18 "Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heavenHe has given US the power and authority to make the DIFFERENCE we desire to SEE and EXPERIENCE here on this earth. It's not up to someone else .. it's up to YOU. If you sense a NEED -- then FILL IT. Don't wait around for someone else to do it. God showed you for a reason. He gave you a passion about that situation for a reason. 

We all walk around with free will. We all share the same opportunity to accept Christ or deny Christ. God is the RULER of the universe, He is ALL POWERFUL and IN CHARGE .. but there is a difference between being in charge of something and being in control of it. I do not believe God sends bad things our way to teach us, or humble us. Why would God raise something up to be His WILL that He empowers us to pray against? He has given us authority over sickness, poverty, depression, anxiety, fear. Those things were not sent from God to make you more of something, that's just what we like to tell ourselves so we can feel better about our situation. So we can feel more holy. No, when those things come it's time to rise up and do what Jesus did .... REBUKE THEIR AUTHORITY OVER YOUR LIFE.

God could step in at any time and change all the RULES He created but that would go against the laws He's set in place for the universe, for our salvation, for our freedom, therefor the world as we know it would come to an end. You see God is like any lover ........ He wants your heart because you choose to give it freely. He wants you to acknowledge Him because you WANT to experience HIM. When and if God steps in ... the choice will no longer be yours. We have to take responsibility for the AUTHORITY we've been given on this earth and stop blaming God for things that are not under His control. We must acknowledge when the storms came .. when sickness was presented before Jesus, He rebuked these attacks, He didn't welcome them to linger ... He didn't say, "I think I'll let you go thru this a bit longer to humble you" .. therefor you must agree tragedy is not stemmed from GOD .. and certainly not sent to make you stronger as people like to say. I'm tired of all this churchy jargon ... it only CONFUSES us when we're in the midst of a trial.

What I want you to get from this is ... Authority has to be taken against these attacks so you can be set free. So you can help free others. So you can stop BLAMING GOD and start USING THE AUTHORITY HE HAS GIVEN YOU. And the silver lining in all this is ... that God CAN and WILL use ALL THINGS for our GOOD, no matter how tragic ..... once we take our rightful place as His child and use the authority He has so freely given, there is nothing He can't use for our good. I know this was a long post, but this wisdom will help set you free, i know seeing God in this light has changed my life and understanding. I hope it will do the same for you. xx

never give up

When pushing toward a dream you can expect many losses along the way. Friends who no longer understand you. Family that no longer stands behind you. Memories that are being made without you. It's easy to find reasons to give up on the pursuit of your dream ....... but it will be harder to look yourself in the mirror everyday if you don't push thru these difficult times. No one ever told you it was going to be easy. Why do you think it's called a DREAM? Because for most people, that's all it will ever be. You have the choice to be the exception. Fight through the pain & the loss .. it will all be worth it in the end.

live your dream 4 u

People without a dream will never understand the importance of YOUR DREAM ...... they will never understand that it's nothing short of the air you breathe, the reason for your very existence, the mission you were created to accomplish. To try and make that point clear to someone who has never experienced such passion is like trying to hammer a nail thru a brick wall with your forehead. Totally IMPOSSIBLE and a complete waste of unnecessary pain. Don't waste valuable energy and time with such useless feats. Live your dream for YOU ... because you know better then anyone why you are here on the earth and what your mission is ........... Persistence wins! Never give up. You'll get there with or without your starting team. You will inevitably have to let some people go along the way. Its all part of the sacrifice you make to live an extraordinary life ......... the life that many would never comprehend or have the guts to chase. You get one chance at this thing called life ... don't let anybody rob you of your right to be all that you envision yourself to become. ♥


I am blessed beyond words. It's been the longest up hill climb, many times I wondered how I would make it thru. I wondered if I could handle one more obstacle, one more failure, one more heartache. But I continued to pick myself up, sometimes with the help of friends or family, but I never stayed down long enough to give up. I have trekked across the desert and finally found the pool of water I'd been imagining for so many years .... it does exist. It wasn't just a mirage I'd been chasing endlessly ................. My advice to those of you who are at your whits end, get up one more time, and then again, just ONE MORE TIME ... that last time could be the final thrust into a life you could only imagine in dreams. ♥


The invitation to give up on your dreams will always present itself when we experience pain, heartache, anger and disappointment. We fail to see these obstacles as teachers of wisdom, knowledge & insight, creating great fortitude within the human spirit. We short change our destiny by falling into fear. We assume these things happen to us, instead of happening for us. We dive into darkness with our eyes wide open, it's our way of rebelling from the light that we believe is hurting us. Friends, I have also walked in these shoes .. I have also awaken to the understanding that nothing can knock us off course unless we allow it to. So gather whatever is needed to sturdy yourself, but refuse to fall further then the last time ..... each time you get up, if you choose, you can fall a shorter distance, until falling is no longer a hinderance ... because you've learned how to balance yourself in the midst of your crisis. ♥