Friday, August 10, 2012


The invitation to give up on your dreams will always present itself when we experience pain, heartache, anger and disappointment. We fail to see these obstacles as teachers of wisdom, knowledge & insight, creating great fortitude within the human spirit. We short change our destiny by falling into fear. We assume these things happen to us, instead of happening for us. We dive into darkness with our eyes wide open, it's our way of rebelling from the light that we believe is hurting us. Friends, I have also walked in these shoes .. I have also awaken to the understanding that nothing can knock us off course unless we allow it to. So gather whatever is needed to sturdy yourself, but refuse to fall further then the last time ..... each time you get up, if you choose, you can fall a shorter distance, until falling is no longer a hinderance ... because you've learned how to balance yourself in the midst of your crisis. ♥

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