Sunday, April 29, 2012

a poem for you

he is the sparkle in my eye / the smile on my face / the colors of the rainbow / the replenishment within every raindrop that has fallen from the sky / the elbow to my arm / the blue within the ocean / the fish within the sea / the rage within the river / the calm within the storm / the dream that i once dreamt / the life within my reality / the gift that keeps on giving / and the chance that I keep on taking / the honesty hidden behind every lie / the king to my throne / the proof that god loves me / i will never stop believing / i live to love you / i love to love you / but i still don't know you xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thank You

you’ve stained me with your passion .. you’ve left me broken for another to mend .. you’ve taken what i did not have to give .. you played me like your guitar string .. you acted without thought .. you spoke without conviction .. you’ve damaged what cannot be replaced .. you’ve left a hole for the world to see .. you’ve given me many songs that will one day be written and sung to the world .. for that alone .. I, thank you.

Monday, April 9, 2012

i wanna love you ...

i wanna love you in the morning with smiley face pancakes .. i wanna touch your senses with every ounce of who i am .. i wanna bring joy to your day .. and life to your soul .. i wanna feel you deep inside me over and over again .. i wanna love you like you've never been loved before .. i wanna take away your pain .. i wanna create new memories so you can let go of the ones that tie you down and rip you apart. I wanna be your sunlight .. i wanna be your moon. But you have no space for me inside your wounded heart.