Friday, June 24, 2011


I thought I needed so many different things 2 find happiness. I thought I needed a rush of blood to my veins & lightening to strike so loud no one would be able to deny they heard the sound. But I didn't realize u would come like a brush of fresh breeze blowing through my soul .. tearing away all fear & doubt .. I live for your sunshine on a rainy day .. I live for your wisdom .. lean in close my love .. for i am fumbling downward toward your sword .. if you allow me to absorb your strength .. i will forever live within u.

~your angel

Friday, June 3, 2011

my pen bleeds ..

It tis my pen that bleeds for you night after night. Every word within my heart, every thought tumbling through my mind spills out on to these pages I write. Every wound, every smile, every warm embrace thy pen explodes on paper. My darling love, I pray you realize it's me .. before thy pen runs dry and we're left with nothing more then these words on scraps of paper.