Friday, August 10, 2012

live your dream 4 u

People without a dream will never understand the importance of YOUR DREAM ...... they will never understand that it's nothing short of the air you breathe, the reason for your very existence, the mission you were created to accomplish. To try and make that point clear to someone who has never experienced such passion is like trying to hammer a nail thru a brick wall with your forehead. Totally IMPOSSIBLE and a complete waste of unnecessary pain. Don't waste valuable energy and time with such useless feats. Live your dream for YOU ... because you know better then anyone why you are here on the earth and what your mission is ........... Persistence wins! Never give up. You'll get there with or without your starting team. You will inevitably have to let some people go along the way. Its all part of the sacrifice you make to live an extraordinary life ......... the life that many would never comprehend or have the guts to chase. You get one chance at this thing called life ... don't let anybody rob you of your right to be all that you envision yourself to become. ♥

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