Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another lost soul

I am a liar.
I tell people not to lose hope.
But I've lost my own.
I tell people to never give up.
But I have no fight left in me.
I tell people God can be trusted.
But I doubt him everyday.
I am a liar, lost in my own confusion.
I want to let go of this life.
I want to be free.
Where is this freedom?
Why has it evaded me?
I thought my life had purpose.
I thought my life had value.
I thought someone would take notice by now.
"I thought" .. maybe that was the problem?
What should I live for?
What will change?
I've never truly been at peace, this pain has always been aching.
I'm tired sweet Jesus.
Please take me home.
Good day & Good night are the same now.
As darkness descends upon both.
I'm just another lost soul .. searching for a way home.

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