Sunday, May 27, 2012


The air is cool as I sit in stillness
The breeze reminds me of home
A long way from where I lay my head each night
But it wasn't always this way,  I wasn't always so far from you
Life wasn't always in shades of grey
I used to feel each movement of light
I used to watch for you
I forgot how to do that, as the years passed by
Maybe these trials were too much to bare
Maybe i doubted you loved me enough to lighten this load
Maybe i wasn't really looking for the answers i needed
Maybe i wanted what was never mine in the first place
If i never see you again
I'll leave the porch light on as a symbol of my love for you
So you will know if you ever pass by my door,  i'm still thinking of you
I love you enough to let you go
This is my good-bye to you

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