Saturday, May 14, 2011

your bride . . .

I pray that I'd be your bride
The girl you've longed for
The true beginning of a life you've imagined in the secret domains of your heart
I have so much love to give you
A flood gate could not withstand the immense power I have to share with my soulmate.
I've longed for you in my inner chambers
Prayed your existence not be in vain
That my hard work and toil would prove a greater harvest then anticipated
I would swim an ocean if it would guarantee you'd come to me with a heart full of passionate love
I'd never leave you nor forsake you
I will walk this earth bare foot for an eternity just to get to you
Tell me I'm the one you love
Tell me it's true
My heart has found an opening
It's waiting for you
Come to me my lover
Come to me at once ....

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