Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lost in translation

Time has not removed these sentiments.
Only the image in my head has faded.
I see you less and less in dreams, as you bleed into the background.
You've run so long, I can no longer envision you.
I don't stop the tear that softens my heart as I see your face framed, poised, lingering everywhere.
Something connected me to you.
Something that was deeper then the surface of our reality.
I saw you deep into your dwelling place, hiding behind your words.
Your touch like the lyrics of a song that was never written.
How your feet carried you far from me.

I am not Your One but somehow you became mine.
I've prayed, surrendered, fought, let go, cried, laughed, sat, ran, I've tried everything to find the truth of our existence but nothing speaks, all remains silent.
The silence has become all I know of us, all that lingers is the wishing well of thoughts in my head.
A deep endless hole with no bottom and no end in sight.
The dreams I once dreamt, the kisses we once shared and the moments our words were spoken.
All became lost in translation.

I want you still, though my heart has obeyed your wishes.
I will want you until I no longer feel a brush of weakness every time your name is spoken.
The day I can walk by you and time no longer stands still, only then will I be free of you, as you have become free of me.

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