Thursday, September 20, 2012


Who knows what this feels like 
the constant emptiness 
the desire to reach out and feel something that isn't there 
how long will i be left to suffer?
each breath a choice

I cried today just like yesterday
the sting of an abandoned heart
the ache of a lonely night 
the force of a breath i'd rather not take

i see them all around me 
happy couples holding hands
the laughter of a child

this loneliness has punctured my heart
i'm bleeding out .. but who will save me?

how do you mask the pain
thats making me feel insane 
i just want to be loved
i just want to be fixed

these walls surround me like a prison i can't escape 
you think i'm strong but i'm far too weak 
you think i have it all together 
but i'm dying at your feet 
one tear at a time this heart becomes a deserted place

I watch the traffic rush by
so many people 
so many lives
surrounded by life 
while dying a slow death of loneliness
no one see's me .. no one really hears me

my own heart has abandoned me 
my own strength has weakened me
i struggle to survive
i feel no life
i dance to make the pain go away 
i dance to forget 
i dance to save what's left of this life 

Jesus, will you save me? 

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