Monday, January 31, 2011

Something to Ponder

We have somewhat lessened our value & purpose in life, by equating our worthiness to the possessions we own or the positions we hold, thereby devaluing ourselves. Should one that is born into wealth be more highly respected then he who was born to nothing? Should one who attains things easily be of higher value then one who has to fight & struggle to attain greatness? How can the position you hold value the depth of a persons soul, the depth of a persons heart? Have we not grieve stricken our society by our value system? Have we not made slaves of ourselves, that we should toil all day to end up with meaningless possessions. When we pass no thing shall go with us, so what has all your toiling actually bought you? He who dies with the most toys, still dies! What value did your life attain while you were here? Because the only thing you can truly take with you, the only thing that will hold any value will be the LOVE you ATTAINED & GAVE AWAY while you were here on this earth! What difference have you made in the lives of others? It's an important question to ponder.

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