Thursday, December 13, 2012


I used to dream of you in color. Every touch felt like rain from the sunburnt sky. I wanted you to drench my skin with your sweetness of life. I wanted all of you. Your eyes burnt through me like fire, melting deep into the depths of my buried soul. I longed for you. I imagined a world where we were not so far apart, where life was free of these immense distractions, disappointments and doubts, where you weren't afraid to let go and love me. A life where two wounded souls were able to mend into one whole. You completed my vision. You were the one I'd dreamt of as a little girl. You held the key to my missing link. Every moment spent loving you made me more vulnerable and whole. I felt your presence within me, cleansing my fears, turning them into the dreams I had once envisioned. You held me with such strength, your hands felt like that of a warrior, ready to protect, ready to take hold of me. I wanted you to take me. I wanted you to fight for me, but you were broken. I wanted what I could not receive from you, because I too, was broken. These dreams have faded into darkness, only visions of grey remain. It's been so long since I've seen your face. Why do you hide from me? Why, do you reach for another? Everything you never thought you would find, lays dormant here.

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